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About Warren Hile Studio
Certainly Hile Studio has experienced tremendous success in the past decade due to the rebirth of the Arts & Crafts movement.  But even more - the key to our success is our philosophy on how and why we build our furniture.  The artists of the period, Gustav Stickley, the brothers Greene & Greene, Dirk Van Erp, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Charles Limbert, and Frank Lloyd Wright, all designed using clean honest lines, and natural materials.  We at Hile Studio pride ourselves in remaining true to these ideals.
In the late 80's our Craftsman Bungalow was finally restored and we wanted to fill it with the appropriate furniture.  Unfortunately, very few of the originals were to be found, and when we did find a piece, it was usually in bad repair, in need of new upholstery, or it was one dining chair.  So I decided to build a Morris Chair   for our living room.  It needed to be comfortable because we intended to use it and needed it to be solidly built.  But it also needed to blend in with our antique pieces and the restored interior of our home.  As I continued to build more furniture I carried this theme on with every piece.  And that tradition has continued with Hile Studio-we built furniture to be used, and we built it as if we are going to live with it.  Careful studying and experimenting has allowed us to offer furniture today that appears to have aged, beautifully complementing fine antiques as well many contemporary pieces.
We have become an interesting  dichotomy in that while we use state-of-the-art equipment, each piece is still hand-selected, hand-assembled and hand-finished.  We carefully produce works of art, and yet meet the demand for our work in a timely fashion.   Our commitment to you, our client, is to live by these philosophies.  The end result is a  satisfied customer and many years of continued enjoyment from your Hile Studio heirloom.

                                                        - Warren Hile

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