Arts & Crafts Prints + Drawings


Listed below are links to a selected inventory of period works on paper, including woodblocks, watercolors, photographs and photogravures.  Click on a picture to access that collection.  Please feel free to us with any questions.

click on picture to access page Oscar Erickson (1883-1970) Color block prints by one of the leading members of the Brown County School.  These are big, colorful and beautiful prints that harmonize well with any Arts & Crafts interior. Click here
Karl Blossfeldt (1865-1932) Black and white photogravures of plant forms taken in the late 1800's.  These are spectacularly modern images that served as inspiration for many of the major figures of the period, as well as artists in the '30's and '40's.  Very striking images - Frank Lloyd Wright was known to have owned a copy of Blossfeldt's book.  Click here
click on picture to access page Philip Gregory Needell (1886-1974)  Beautiful and subtle woodblock prints by one of the leading figures in the English Arts & Crafts printmaking world.  These are large prints that clearly show the combined  influence of Arthur Wesley Dow and the Japanese woodblocks.  Click here
click on picture to access page William Nicholson (1872-1949)  English painter, printmaker, book illustrator and designer, Nicholson produced scores of prints over the span of his career.  Selections from two of his most famous series, "An Alphabet" and "Almanac of Twelve Sports"  Click here
Margaret and Alfonso Iannelli (1893-1967)(1888-1965) Founders of the acclaimed Iannelli Studios in 1912, the Iannellis were prolific designers, artists and interior architects.

                    Click here

George Mann Niedecken (1878-1945) Interior designer, artist, architect and frequent collaborator with Frank Lloyd Wright.   Click here

Anonymous (c. 1883-1886) Botanical specimens. Click here

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